About Us

About Us

The Public Affairs Luncheon Club was founded October 19, 1932 as the Democratic Women’s Luncheon Club.

The group merged in November 1944 with the Non-Partisan Legislative Forum. The name was changed to Dallas Public Affairs Luncheon Club in 1946.

One of the oldest organizations of its kind in Dallas, the group is dedicated to education about, discussion of, and interest in government, elections, constitutional issues, and current public affairs events.

The organization’s mission is dedicated to the preservation of the United States as a Republic, to the perpetuation of the free enterprise system, liberated from bureaucratic controls, and to the restoration of the sovereignty of the people and the States, with all the rights and liberties reserved to them by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

A full archive of the history of the Dallas Public Affairs Luncheon Club is on file at the Dallas Public Library.